1. I can't believe there are no comments here. This park contains the last APE cache in the world! It also contains a few others that are great too. I recommend this park and its friendly staff to everyone.

    Sir Dave

  2. We will visit the Park and the Planet Ape Cache in October 7 for maybe 3 Days.
    We look forward to staying here.


  3. I am so excited to visit Intervales! We leave from Boston on Sat 9/16 and are spending a week visiting Sao Paulo, Intervales, Iguassu Falls, Argentina an Paraguay!

    Junior at Intervales has been very helpful and it will be great to finally meet him :)

    Jenn (koneko)

  4. We (Zwerg Nase & ice13-333) had a very amazing time here in Intervales Park and visited all the geocaches around here in between October, 16th and 19th 2012.
    It was so beautiful and the people are very friendly and helpful. We really can recommend this place to all the geocachers who tinker with the idea to visit the world last ape-cache!
    Come here and enjoy !!!

  5. Will hopefully be there Nov 2016. I want the Ape cache and I want to do some birding. Hoping for a good bird guide. But to me almost any bird there will be a lifer. Do they allow cameras because on the ebird I didn't see anyone post pictures and couldn't find much on like or this site.