Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Swalow-tailed Cotinga back to Intervales

As I have previously posted, the Swalow-tailed Cotinga have returned to Intervales after 2 years with no sign, normally they arrive in mid-september to nest, and stay for 2 or 3 months every year. At least 6 individuals (3 pairs) were seen around the lodges in the central area of the park, one of them was gathering material for the nest. Here is a sequence o photos taken by Betinho.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Birding season 2011

During this birding season we had some remarkable views of the Black-faced Piping Guan (Carmo Road) six individuals were seen during a trip, feeding on palm tree reminding us the early 70's when it used to be seen in flocks of 10 individuals. Other interesting birds were: Swalow-tailed Cotinga, seen after 2 years without records in the Park, 4 Brown-backed Parrotlets passing by the central area of the park, and finally a pair of Curl-crested Jay on the way to Intervales (Ribeirão Grande Road)

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